Who sings the John Lewis advert soundtrack in 2023?


Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli provides the soundtrack for this year's John Lewis Christmas advert

The highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert is here, and it features the beautiful voice of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. The classical-style song, titled "Festa" meaning "celebration", sets the tone for the heartwarming and emotional story of the advert.

A world-renowned artist

Andrea Bocelli is no stranger to success. He is one of the best-selling classical artists of all time, with albums like "Romanza" and "Scared Arias" topping the charts. His most famous song, a collaboration with Sarah Brightman called "Time to Say Goodbye", has become an iconic piece of music.

A charitable release

The John Lewis advert soundtrack will be released in a longer form as a charity single. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the single will go to the John Lewis Partnership's Building Happier Futures charities, which support young people and families in need.

The story behind the song

The song serves as the backdrop for the tale of Snapper, a Venus flytrap who grows into a playful and vibrant plant. After facing rejection, Snapper is embraced back into the family and spreads joy by giving out presents. The advert celebrates the traditions of Christmas and the joy of sharing them with loved ones.

A tradition of musical collaborations

Andrea Bocelli joins a long list of talented artists who have lent their voices to John Lewis Christmas adverts. In the past, we've seen performances by Sir Elton John, Elbow, Lily Allen, and Tom Odell, among others. These collaborations have become a cherished part of the holiday season.

A special message from Andrea

Andrea Bocelli expressed his excitement about being part of this Christmas tradition, saying, "I am delighted to take part in this wonderful and unique tradition of Christmas storytelling. It is very special for me given the great support this will bring to both the John Lewis and Andrea Bocelli foundations. Joy to all of your worlds this Christmas."

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