I’m A Celebrity’s Naughty Boy has face of thunder as he’s voted to do ANOTHER trial


I’M A Celebrity fans were left in hysterics at Naughty Boy’s “priceless” reaction to him being voted for ANOTHER trial.

Ant and Dec headed into camp on Wednesday evening to reveal the results of the viewers vote – but one contestant was left with a face of thunder.

Naughty Boy had a face of thunder after being voted for ANOTHER trial
The music producer was left open-mouthed as Ant and Dec revealed the news

The campmates returned to the castle on Tuesday after Storm Arwen wreaked devastation on production facilities in North Wales and it was business as usual with more stomach-churning trials in store.

With the most votes from viewers, Frankie Bridge, 32 and Naughty Boy, 36, will take part in tomorrow night’s trial Castle Scary-oke.

They will be tasked with having to down some revolting drinks at the castle camp’s karaoke bar.

However, viewers couldn’t get enough of Naughty Boy’s unimpressed reaction leaving him open-mouthed.

One wrote: “There is that priceless reaction from Naughty Boy. #ImACeleb”

Another posted: “Naughty Boy’s reaction to him being picked never fails to make me laugh each time. #ImACeleb”

“Loving the fact that the entire camp is pretty much trying to not laugh at Naughty Boy’s reaction at being voted to do the trial again. #ImACeleb”

A fourth added: “Everyone’s reaction to Naughty Boy dong a trial again. He is devastated! 😂

The music producer came close to walking on a number of occasions before the celebs were evacuated from Gwrych Castle over the weekend due to Storm Arwen.

In tonight’s episode, Naughty Boy took part in a gruesome bushtucker trial alongside Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt.

Despite fans suggesting that the Savage Stakeout trial would tip Naughty Boy over the edge, he managed to bring back 11 stars.

During the trial, the soap stars were asked questions about I’m A Celebrity by hosts Ant and Dec.

If they answered incorrectly, they were covered in slime and part of Naughty is covered in nasties – but if they answered correctly, they get a meal for camp.

Before the first question was asked, Naughty begged them: “Please get this right, guys!”

Unfortunately, they failed the first question – and the music star screamed in terror as his left arm was covered in crickets.

Meanwhile, Simon groaned as the slime rained down on them, with all three celebs seemingly in for a bad time.

However, the trio surprised camp when they returned and shared the good news that they had won all the stars.

Frankie Bridge will be joining Naughty Boy for Castle Scary-oke for tomorrow’s trial