I’m A Celeb’s Helen Flanagan yelps ‘I’m really scared’ as she is forced to take on highest trial in show history


JUNGLE scaredy-cat Helen Flanagan looks to have toughened up in the last decade as tomorrow night she takes on the highest trial in I’m A Celebrity history.

The former Corrie star, 32, has to climb a tower suspended over the edge of the 3,609ft Mariepskop mountain in South Africa alongside Classic FM presenter Myleene, 45 and former boxer Amir, 36 to collect stars for camp.

Helen Flanagan is horrified when she finds out what she must do
It is the highest ever trial in the show’s history
Helen, Amir and Myleene must take on the task

And Helen suggests she has somehow found a head for heights – in stark comparison to her first stint in camp in 2012 when she turned down several trials through fear.

In the scenes, which play out on tomorrow night’s show, Ant McPartlin tells the trio: “Come over, come a little bit closer to the edge. Welcome to the incredible Mariepskop.

Co-host Declan Donnelly adds: “You’re probably wondering what you’re doing up here today. Let me put you out of your misery, the three of you are about to take part in the highest trial ever in the history of I’m A Celebrity. This is World’s End.”

Ant says: “You’ll each be climbing these towers, suspended over the edge of this terrifying mountain which is 1,100m high.”

The three celebrities are told they have 11 minutes to collect 11 stars.

Helen tells the Geordie duo: “I’m really scared but guys, I’m not going to let you down. I’m going to do it.”

Ant yelps: “Who is this woman!”

And Dec laughs: “What have you done with Helen Flanagan! That’s amazing, good for you.”

It’s the latest cruel trial facing the all stars camp, after Amir had to face a savage supermarket filled with creepy crawlies and Fatima Whitbread was tasked with straddling giant Ninja Warrior style balls, suspended high in the air.

Amir said: “Camp has been eating well and we want to keep them eating well, so we’ve got to do this. I’m not the best with heights but it’s for the camp.”

Myleene added: “I’m not great with heights… I don’t do it for fun, put it that way. I just don’t want to see their faces if we come back with nothing, that will not be good.”

The scenes play out on Monday night’s show after a tumultuous 24 hours in camp, which saw Shaun Ryder, 60, and Gillian McKeith, 63, become the earliest celebs to ever leave via a Survival Trial.

On the episode the group are also told they must choose the next evictee themselves, in a bombshell first for the show.

Walking into the Kruger National Park camp, Dec says: “We bring news. For one of you this will be your last night in camp. But this time, who that is, is up to you.”

Ant adds: “You’ll each be taking part in a secret ballot and you’ll be voting to decide the next celebrity to leave camp.”

It is a major shake-up to the show format, made necessary because of the pre recorded nature of the show.

Amir is seen taking part in the terrifying trial
The stars can’t believe what they are faced with