Im a Celebs James Haskell is in financial hot water with his lifestyle brand owing almost 1 million


I’M A Celebrity star James Haskell is in financial hot water, with his lifestyle brand owing approaching 1million.

This comes after news of his gym business facing large debts too.

James Haskell’s fitness brand has revealed to be in debt

Latest figures for this year show that James Haskell Health and Fitness owes 734,571 to creditors.

The firm does have assets worth 151,413, meaning it would be 583,158 in the red if they were realised.

In 2017, the firm posted net losses of 466,905.

His website tells would-be clients: James Haskell Health and Fitness helps you achieve a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

We do this delivering professional fitness and nutrition advice in a simple, clear and easy to understand format.

Both of his businesses appear to owe money

In conjunction with the development of our own range of clean and certified sports supplements, this allows the individual to achieve the lifestyle balance, which is right for them.

Remember its not about being the best. Its about being better than you were yesterday.

The site also sells fitness gear like clothes and equipment.

His gym business owes 168,000.

The star’s 50,000 payday will probably go towards these debts

The muscular ex-rugby pro, 34, was ruffling feathers down under in the ITV show, where he received a 50,000 payday.

And he might do well to divert his big money appearance fee to his gym business: a franchise of global chain F45 in Bath.

His outfit which avoided being struck off the register of firms at Companies House last month for not filing documents on time has big debts.

Hask 45 (Bath) Limited filed accounts in October and they show the firms net worth is-167,683, with 349,582 in current liabilities.

The former England star was the eliminated from I’m A Celebrity earlier this week

The studio offers 45-minute high-intensity, circuit training workouts using functional equipment.

The ex-England international, who is said to be worth around 1.2million, first announced his plans to open a F45 site in 2017.

I tried F45 in the US when I was over there on holiday, Haskell said.

I found the circuit based training really engaging and fun.

Its all the kind of stuff I would use to get fit for rugby, and for the majority of people, regular F45 sessions are everything they need to maintain and achieve good levels of fitness.

I think people are crying out for an accessible, group-based fitness programme that isnt intimidating, and most importantly delivers amazing results. That is what F45 is all about and why I am so delighted to be involved.

I have always loved Bath as a city, its rich in rugby history and has a young, fitness-focused demographic, which suits our target audience and ambition.

He came under fire for his fiery rants on I’m A Celeb

Australia-based F45 currently has more than 30 studios operating in the UK under franchise agreements.

Founded by entrepreneur Rob Deutsch in 2012, the company has grown rapidly and is now considered the second largest functional training network in the world.