Im A Celeb star Myles Stephensons ex slams his womanising and says he dated FOUR women at once


I’M A Celeb star Myles Stephenson’s ex has slammed the popstar for charming women into bed and telling FOUR women at once he loves them.

Rebecca Bignell, 25, spoke to HOAR Online after Gabby released a string of filthy texts she said he sent to girls and insisted he cheated on her with five women.

Rebecca Bignell says Myles sent her X-rated videos while he was with Gabby

She said: “He’s very good at playing this innocent perfect butter-wouldn’t-melt kind of guy.

“If you were just his friend you’d probably get on great.

“It is just the way his brain works regarding women is something else.”

Myles has denied ever cheating on his former girlfriend, insisting: “We were on a break at the time when I messaged this girl, a previous ex.”

Rebecca and Myles were together from 2016 until he found fame on X Factor

They split up during his rise to fame on X Factor

On his way into the jungle Myles accused Gabby of overreacting by ending their relationship and later told Ian Wright he wanted a “meaningful relationship”.

The comments infuriated the star so much, she released the ‘sexts’ – including some that were too graphic to describe.

Rebecca said: “He’s very much a charmer but he’s saying ‘I love you’ to four women at the same time.

Rebecca says Myles was messaging four girls at once

His ex Gabby Allen has accused him of cheating

“Either ‘I can’t wait to move in with you’, ‘I’m so glad I live with you’, ‘I can’t wait to make you my wife’ or ‘I want to have babies with you’.

“You want babies with four different women and live in four different homes? There’s just nothing special in it. Trust me, I fell for it, so it’s very easily done.”

Rebecca explained how she saw her “perfect” boyfriend slipping away when he found fame on The X Factor in 2017.

He then dated a series of women, first Malin Andersson, then Gabby Allen – but Rebecca says he continued to send her messages.

Myles with Jacqueline Jossa on I’m A Celebrity

She explained: “He knows he’s a good looking guy, he knows his options are endless. He can pick one up and put one down whenever he likes. I just think he took full advantage of it.”

Now being in the jungle has made him more famous than ever, she admitted: “He’s probably just going to get worse.”

She warned: “You fall in love with him and you will end up in bed with him. He’s very much a charmer but he’s he’s saying ‘I love you’ to four women at the same time.

“Trust me, I fell for it, so it’s very easily done. It’s the same script with every girl – and it works.”

Rebecca and Myles, who were old friends, started dating in 2016 but split two years ago, during his successful run on The X Factor. However, she said it has only been three months since they stopped speaking entirely.

Gabby and Myles started dating in 2018, but split in August this year aftershe caught him exchanging flirty messages with other women.

Following reports of their separation, the former Love Island contestant begged fans to pass on information they had about his inappropriate behaviour and Rebecca coming forward.

Rebecca insisted last night: “I want it to be made clear this is nothing to do with trying to damage his career. See it in black and white the guy’s been an arsehole and now people are speaking out.”