Lorraine Kelly defends Fred Sirieix following clash with Nella Rose on I’m A Celeb


English is ‘not Fred‘s first language’

Lorraine Kelly has come to the defense of TV presenter Fred Sirieix after his heated argument with Nella Rose on I’m A Celebrity. Lorraine pointed out that English is not Fred’s first language and there may have been some misunderstandings.

Comments about age spark fury

Fred and Nella clashed after he made a comment about her age during a rainy night in the jungle. Nella took offense to the comment, citing her personal experience with her father’s passing.

Apology leads to more fury

Fred apologized for his comment, but it only seemed to anger Nella even more. The apology touched a raw nerve for the social media star and she expressed her desire to keep her distance from Fred.

Support from Love Island star

Indiyah Pollack, a Love Island star and friend of Nella, agreed with Lorraine’s defense of Fred. She also mentioned that she had predicted a clash between the two due to their strong personalities.

Explosive confrontation in the jungle

Viewers witnessed a tense confrontation between Nella and Fred in the I’m A Celeb camp. Nella expressed her upset and explained why she felt disrespected by Fred’s comments about her age.

Fred’s apology and Nella’s response

Fred sincerely apologized for his unintentional offense and tried to explain his comment. Nella accepted his apology but made it clear that she still preferred to keep her distance from him in the camp.

Overall, the clash between Fred Sirieix and Nella Rose on I’m A Celebrity has caused a stir, but Lorraine Kelly has defended Fred, highlighting the language barrier as a potential factor in the misunderstanding.