YouTube Star Nella Rose Opens Up About Ruckus with Fred Sirieix and Her Dad’s Passing


Emotional Encounter

Nella Rose, the youngest contestant in the series, has finally spoken out about her heated argument with Fred Sirieix. It all started when Fred made a comment about being like Nella’s dad, not knowing that her father had recently passed away. Nella found the remark upsetting and expressed her emotions during their intense back and forth.

Triggering Dad Jokes

Nella explained that any dad joke is triggering for her, as her father was her best friend and she lost him in 2020. The enclosed environment of the camp heightened her emotions, making it difficult for her to handle Fred’s ill-timed comment. However, she emphasized that Fred isn’t a bad person and they have since resolved their differences.

No Producer Intervention

Addressing the speculation that producers informed her about the negative reaction to their argument, Nella clarified that the producers didn’t tell her anything. She attributed the resolution to the nature of life in camp, where they are all alone together and eventually blessed things over as time goes by.

Reflecting on Her Time in Camp

Despite being the second star to leave, Nella shared that she had an amazing time in the camp. She expressed no regrets and stated that she learned a lot about herself, faced many of her fears, and emerged as a strong woman.

The Argument Unfolded

The argument between Nella and Fred played out at the beginning of the series. Fred made a comment about being able to be Nella’s dad, which offended her as she had previously opened up about her father’s passing. Nella ignored Fred’s attempt to offer her breakfast and later explained her feelings to the camera. Fred approached her to apologize and clarify his intentions, expressing his unawareness of her offense.

As the weeks went by, Nella and Fred managed to mend their relationship and move forward.

Speculations arose among viewers about producer intervention following a noticeable change in Nella’s behavior after her clashes with Fred and Nigel Farage. However, Nella denied any producer involvement in the resolution of their argument.