Brits Demand McVities Bring Back “Favourite Biscuit of All Time”


McVities' Fruit Club biscuits disappear from shelves, leaving fans devastated

McVities' Fruit Club biscuits, once a beloved snack loved by millions, have vanished from store shelves, causing an outcry among Brits. Fans of the biscuit are demanding that McVities bring back their "favourite biscuit of all time."

Social media outcry prompts response from McVities

One disgruntled fan took to social media to express their frustration, questioning why McVities had stopped making Fruit Clubs. In response, the biscuit company stated that the biscuits were discontinued a few years ago and listed the current flavors available: orange, mint, and salted caramel.

Fans rally behind Fruit Clubs

Following the initial outcry, other fans quickly joined the movement to bring back Fruit Clubs, tweeting their support and reminiscing about their love for the biscuit. The Fruit Club is hailed as one of the best biscuits of all time by some enthusiasts.

McVities brings back discontinued favorites

While the disappearance of Fruit Clubs has left a void in many hearts, there have been recent success stories of discontinued treats making a comeback. White chocolate Digestives, absent from shelves for almost 20 years, have made a triumphant return as a limited edition item. Happy Faces biscuits, which were removed from circulation in 2015, have also been spotted on Asda shelves once again. Muller has delighted shoppers by reintroducing its popular Mississippi Mud Pie Corner flavor, and Cadbury has brought back a long-lost product that hasn't been seen in supermarkets for a decade. Quality Street has also joined the trend by resurrecting a fan favorite, although opinions among shoppers are divided.

It remains to be seen if McVities will heed the calls of their loyal customers and revive the iconic Fruit Club biscuit. In the meantime, fans can only hope that their pleas are heard and that they will once again be able to indulge in their beloved biscuit.