I was on Love Island and show bosses banned me from exposing feud at reunion show


LOVE Island star Mitchel Taylor has revealed he wasn’t allowed to get involved in one of the rows at the reunion show.

Viewers were left open-mouthed as Zachariah Noble raged at Kady McDermott for speaking about him and Molly Marsh in a series of podcasts since the show ended.

Mitch has said he wasn’t allowed to get involved in a row at the reunion

Kady has been slammed for speaking about the other couples

Mitch has now said he wasn’t surprised at all about the drama because she wasn’t ‘owning’ what she was saying, but claims he was banned from speaking up.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Mitch explained: “I wanted to get involved, but they wouldn’t let me.

“So they just let Zac talk to Kady, ’cause I could have fired some shots but I think they wanted to keep it quite friendly and PG so here we are today.”

During the reunion, Kady and Zach traded insults back and forth as theshow hosts Maya Jama and Indiyah Polack were forced to keep court as the clash got heated.

As Indiyah asked Zach if he had anything to say to his co-stars, he told her it was obvious who had been “doing the most”.

Addressing Kady’s comments after leaving the villa, Zach said to her: “I just wanna say, our name is in your mouth, your name isn’t in our mouth.”

Zach went onto tell Kady that he and Molly wished her well but she hit back and told him to “enjoy [his] five minutes”.

As the audience fell quiet, Maya asked her again if she had anything to respond with to which she said again: “Zach enjoy your fifteen minutes.”

In another podcast Mitch called out Kady for supposedly having a secret boyfriend, but she has continued to deny that.

She has however revealed she is no longer seeing Ouzy because of something she claims he did.

Zach and Molly were fuming with Kady