Love Island fans urged not to direct ‘hate’ at Lillie after she snogged Millie’s man Liam at Casa Amor


LOVE Island has been full of drama this year and while fans can’t get enough, some trolls have sadly been ruining the fun.

Lillie Hayness, who entered the show to spice things up during the ‘lads holiday’ to Casa Amor, has been inundated with hate after she kissed Millie Court’s man Liam Reardon.

It’s all due to kick off in tonight’s episode

The star then told Millie what happened and revealed that Liam had been unfaithful to her while away.

But it appears Lillie is getting a surge of hate as a message was posted on her Instagram account urging people to think about their trolling.

The message posted on her main page read: “Our girl went into this experience hoping to find a connection with a guy who felt the same way but unfortunately she didn’t find him.

“Just like every other islander Lillie was perfectly entitled to get to know everyone. Both Jake & Teddy made it very clear they wanted to return to their girls and slept on the day beds, so full respect to those guys.

“The other lads wanted to get to know the new girls, share their beds and kiss them etc. Only one person has behaved badly towards Millie and it most definitely was NOT Lillie.

“The truth will always come out … and probably sooner than you think.”

The message continued: “Have your comments below as always and that includes Millie’s fans, we too like Millie but think hard before typing and who you direct any hate towards.

“Better still, Don’t hate #bekind and remember these are just a group of gorgeous young people enjoying the holiday experience of a lifetime for an entertainment TV show.”

It comes after the star’s were put to the test in Casa Amor.

During the time away, Liam kissed and cuddled the 22-year-old accountant in bed but decided to return to Millie at the original villa.

At first Millie was over the moon to see him return without another girl but little did she know he had been unfaithful.

Until Lillie walked in and told her, of course.

In a shocking twist all the girls from Casa Amor who were dumped were brought into the villa so they could tell the girls what really happened.

The drama is expected to kick off during the two hour long show this evening.

The girls speak it out in tonight’s show

Liam was not expecting Lillie to walk in