Love Island Star Scott van der Sluis Reveals He Was Offered Big Money to Participate in Three Shows Back to Back


Love Island star Scott van der Sluis has shocked fans by revealing that he was offered a significant amount of money to appear in three consecutive shows. The 22-year-old football player first gained fame on the UK version of Love Island this summer. Shortly after leaving the UK show, he entered Love Island USA, and then went on to film The Games.

Solely Driven by Money

Scott recently admitted in an interview on the Saving Grace podcast that money was the primary motivation behind his controversial decision. He explained that after receiving a call, he initially declined the offer. However, when he was presented with the opportunity to participate in the US version of Love Island and the Love Island Games, along with a substantial sum of money, he couldn't resist. Scott acknowledged that with the decrease in social media earnings due to a ban, accepting such an offer was a no-brainer.

Knew the Backlash Was Coming

Scott was well aware of the potential backlash he would face for his decision. He anticipated that people would turn on him after his stint on Love Island USA. Despite this, he stood by his choice and expressed no regrets.

Financial Reward

It is believed that Scott was paid £100,000 for his participation in the three shows, highlighting the lucrative nature of reality TV appearances.

Love Island Journey

Scott's Love Island journey began on the UK version of the show, where he was a contestant in the summer installment. Although he was eliminated in July alongside Abi Moores, his romance with Catherine Agbaje helped him gain notoriety. Following his exit from the UK show, he joined the cast of Love Island USA but was quickly dumped from the series. Scott then joined other Love Island alumni, including Megan Barton-Hanson, Jack Fincham, and Liberty Poole, on Love Island Games. Fans can expect to see Scott back on Love Island Games in the near future.