Love Island’s Jess breaks down in tears and sobs – after refusing to film in shocking scenes never shown on air


LOVE Island star Jess Harding was left sobbing in the villa as she hit out at ‘fake’ co-stars after refusing to continue filming the show.

The blonde beauty was left so devastated after a shock twist that she refused to continue filming the show and had to be consoled by producers.

Jess broke down on the show

She slammed her co-stars as ‘fake’

Maya Jama returned to the villa during last night’s episode where she told Jess that she would be forced to split from Sammy after their fellow couples labelled them as one of the least compatible couples.

But in tonight’s episode, Jess slammed her co-stars as “fake” for choosing her and Sammy as she broke into tears.

She stunned her fellow Islanders during the outburst as tensions got heated around the firepit.

Jess, 22, cried as she said: “I just feel really overwhelmed.

“I just feel like so many people have been so fake to me in here.”

Whitney interrupted as she said back: “Oh my gosh, no, not the fake!”

Jess continued: “I’m not gonna lie, I did actually think that a lot more people we’re gonna choose other couple over me and Sammy.

“Even though we had that little blip, you’s would know better about actually how compatible and how much we have in common.

“So I just feel like it was a cop-out for a lot of people.”

Taking issue with what Jess had to say, many of the Islanders hit back as they insisted that it was not a “cop-out” with Ella Thomas revealing they’d have chosen Catherine if they were looking for the easy option.

HOAR previously revealed how Jess refused to carry on with filming after being left too upset over the producer’s decision to not allow her and Sammy to re-couple.

In scenes not shown tonight, beautician Jess was so upset, she refused to take part and had to be coaxed back on set by the crew.

A source explained: “It really ruffled some feathers — and it got worse when Jess found out she had to go on a date with the new boy.

“It wasn’t anything personal against him, but a ­producer had to console her while she sobbed and coax her to continue filming.”

Jess had at first refused to carry on filming the ITV2 show

The girls attempted to console Jess as Whitney answered back