New mum Shaughna Phillips reveals sweet reason behind baby girl’s adorable name

Shaughna Phillips gives birth to daughter Lucia,

SHAUGHNA Phillips had already picked out her baby daughter’s name long before she gave birth to her.

The former Love Island star previously confessed she and boyfriend Billy had decided exactly what they would call their baby months ago.

Love Island’s Shaugna Phillips has revealed the meaning behind her daughter’s name

The star and her boyfriend have called their daughter Lucia

 Shaughna and Billy welcomed a little girl earlier this week and have called her Lucia.

The new mum wrote on Instagram: “My darling Lucia, I wish I had you sooner so I could love you longer.”

In December, 28-year-old Shaughna spoke to fans about her pregnancy and admitted she had already picked out her little one’s name.

She also said there was no “sentimental” reason behind the moniker that she and Billy had selected.

The star told her Instagram followers at the time: “We’re keeping the girl’s name a secret but it’s not a sentimental name, just a name we both love.”

Shaughna also revealed what name they would be calling their baby if they had a boy.

Not being quite so secretive, she added: “Baby will be named after his dad if it’s a boy, so it will be Billy.”

She later said that his middle name would be the same as her late father’s, Eddie.

“There’s a few reasons I’m not naming my baby after my dad,” Shaughna explained.

“My dad’s actual name is Edward but everyone called him Eddie, and I just don’t know how OK I would be with saying my dad’s name every day.

“I still struggle with my dad not being here, so I think it would be too much for me. Baby will be Billy Edward if it’s a boy.”

Shaughna announced the birth of Lucia to fans on Thursday, confirming that she had arrived on Tuesday.

The reality star said she was induced over the weekend after missing her due date, telling fans that Lucia arrived safely into the world with Adele‘s song, Make You Feel My Love, playing in the delivery room.

She also shared the baby’s weight and time of birth, writing: “04/04/23, 8lb 8oz, 8:10pm.”

Meanwhile, Billy, 29, was busted by cops earlier in February in a dramatic raid.

Police allegedly recovered cocaine and MDMA in the raid before a follow-up search at a nearby address revealed a larger haul of illicit substances.

A rep for the reality star told HOAR: “Shaughna had absolutely no knowledge of any activity involving the allegations against Billy.

“Despite being in a long term relationship with the defendant, Shaughna has no links with the address in question, and will be openly assisting the police with their enquiries.”

If found guilty, real estate agent Billy could face up to 16 years in jail.

Shaughna hinted that she is still with her baby’s dad with her social media birth announcement. She captioned the picture ‘LPW’, which is thought to stand for Lucia Phillips-Webb.

Shaughna and Billy chose the name Lucia months ago