What the Love Island stars are REALLY doing now from from Dr Alex George to nurse Rachel Fenton


WHILE some former Love Island contestants are cracking on, others have been mugged off.

Here, we reveal what happened after the bikinis were packed away and the cameras stopped rolling.

Alex Beattie, series 3

Alex was well known in the Love Island for never wearing a T-shirt
Alex Beattie was mocked for a public appearance at Poundland in 2017

Remind me? The Geordie personal trainer quickly became known for never wearing a top (and showing off his ridiculous abs) and for doing the most bonking in the villa with Montana Brown.
And then what? Public appearances. At Poundland. Poor Alex got mocked for, er, keeping it real, by meeting fans at a West Midlands store in 2017.

He also revealed he’s had a hair transplant after getting bullied about the size of his forehead, has set up health and fitness platform Push Fitness and secured a six-figure modelling contract with Boohoo.

Since lockdown he’s been hosting regular Instagram workouts for his followers, winning him a legion of new fans.

So although he’s appearing at Poundland, he’s probably not shopping there just yet.

Eyal Booker, series 4

Eyal Booker was briefly coupled up with Megan Barton-Hanson in the villa
Eyal Booker is now dating RHOBH star Lisa Rinna’s daughter Delilah

Remind me? The “deep” curly haired model had a few ups and downs, first coupling up with Hayley Hughes and then getting it on with Megan Barton-Hanson, before eventually being booted off.

And then what? Eyal went on reality shows, including Celebs Go Dating in 2018, before joining fellow LI rejects (sorry, alumni) Samira Mighty, Zara McDermott and Wes Nelson to compete in The X Factor: Celebrity as a group called No Love Lost. They didn’t win.

They split up shortly after the show.

After being linked to Rita Ora, he’s now dating Delilah Hamlin, daughter of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna.

Rachel Fenton, series 2

Rachel Fenton was loved by viewers in series two of Love Island
Rachel went back to her day job as a trauma and orthopaedic nurse after being voted off

Remind me? The big-hearted nurse had a rollercoaster ride in the villa. After viewers voted her off, Rykard Jenkins chased her down the beach and said he couldn’t stay on the island without her. But she later discovered he’d got it on with Olivia Buckland just one night after they hooked up. The cad!

And then what? Rachel and Rykard lasted 18 months away from the cameras, but called it quits in December 2017.

She’s now back at the day job as a trauma and orthopaedic nurse, posting selfies in scrubs not bikinis.

She worked through the pandemic on the wards and tested positive for the virus before recovering and going back to work to help more patients. Go, Rachel!

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, series 3

Camilla and Jamie fell in love on series three of Love Island
Camilla and Jamie have since launched an ethical beauty brand called Love Jamila

Remind me? Camilla’s heart was trampled on by Jonny Mitchell (the charmer) who didn’t know what feminism was. But model Jamie came in and swept her off her feet.
And then what? Having worked as a bomb disposal expert before entering the villa, Camilla wasn’t your typical reality TV star.

When they’re not saving the world, the couple share loved-up pictures of themselves in bed with their two dogs.

Jamie still models and last year they launched an ethical beauty brand called Love Jamila – an amalgamation of their two names that also means “beauty” in Arabic. And now they’re expecting their first baby! Aww, you guys!

Alex George, series 4

Alex George was known for his terrible sunburn during his time on the show

Alex George was known for his terrible sunburn during his time on the show
Dr Alex has been on the frontlines fighting the pandemic

Remind me? With his preference for “doggy fashion” and terrible shirts, Dr Alex was one big cringe fest. For some reason, he failed to find love in the villa.

And then what? He’s health editor on Good Morning Britain, has a podcast The Waiting Room, entered last year’s Celebrity MasterChef and has done all that while working full-time for the NHS during the pandemic.

He’s dating dancer Amelia Bath but the pair haven’t been able to see much of each other with Alex spending most of his time treating patients with the virus.

Cally Jane Beech and Luis Morrison, series 1

Cally and Luis briefly dated before appearing on Love Island
Cally and Luis became the first Love Island couple to have a baby but have since broken up

Remind me? The former Miss GB and footballer had weirdly already briefly dated each other before they coupled up in the villa way back in 2015.

And then what? They became the first couple to have a baby when their daughter Vienna was born in May 2017.

They’ve since broken up and Cally Jane is now dating Fresh Couture founder Nathan Malcolm, while Luis is playing for Ashford United.

Montana Brown, series 3

Montana Brown was known for her spats with Olivia Attwood on the show
Montana Brown launched her own swimwear line since leaving the villa

Remind me? The self-described “posh” girl will be remembered for her spats with Olivia Attwood and having sex with Alex Beattie. They split up a few days after leaving the villa.

And then what? Montana appeared on Bear Grylls’ Celebrity Island in 2018, but quit after three days.

She split from boyfriend Elliott Reeder earlier this year and has been focusing on her swimwear brand. Montana appeared on This Morning as the show’s Love Island correspondent, saying: “It’s too bitchy in there. All I remember was eating cereal, slapping the girls’ arses and trying to fart without my mic picking it up.” Lovely.

Greg O’Shea, series 5

Greg O’Shea walked away the winner of Love Island with Amber Gill
Greg O’Shea is keeping his winnings in an English bank account until the exchange rate improves

Remind me? The pro rugby player and law graduate helped form the Amber Gill/Michael Griffiths love triangle – but he walked away the winner.

He and Amber split the £50k prize… only to split themselves five weeks later.

And then what? Greg is now working for a law firm in Dublin and hoping to compete in the next Olympics – whenever they may be. And he hasn’t spent his winnings yet, keeping it in an English bank account until the exchange rate improves and he can bring it over to Ireland. How… sensible?

Dom Lever and Jess Shears

Dom and Jess fell for each on series three of Love Island
Jess and Dom welcomed their first baby into the world in October

Remind me? Dom and Jess got it on from day one and were the first couple to have sex on that year’s show.

And then what? Three months later, they got engaged. They had their first “wedding” on This Morning, where Jess wore a bikini and Dom was topless. The real wedding was a few months later.

In October they welcomed their baby boy into the world (they’ve yet to reveal his name). They make their money from sponsored Instagram posts and modelling deals. Obvs.