Aldi’s popular budget air fryer returns at an even lower price

Ambiano 4.5 Litre Air Fryer

Aldi's Ambiano air fryer is back and cheaper than ever before

Aldi's budget supermarket is bringing back its highly sought-after Ambiano 4.5 litre air fryer, and this time it's priced at just £34.99. Previously priced at £39.99 in December 2022, this kitchen gadget has proven to be a hit with shoppers. In fact, when it was last on the shelves in January, it quickly sold out at just under £40.

Check store availability before your visit

If you're planning to purchase the air fryer from your local Aldi store, it is recommended to check ahead to see if it's in stock to avoid disappointment. You can find your nearest store using the Aldi website.

Aldi's bargain air fryer is packed with features

The Ambiano air fryer boasts a 4.5L capacity and a convenient timer function, allowing you to easily determine when your food will be ready. According to Aldi, this affordable gadget costs "a fraction of the running costs" compared to a conventional oven. Additionally, it comes with an LED digital touch screen display for effortless operation.

Act fast before it sells out

Aldi's Specialbuys tend to disappear quickly, so it's best not to delay if you're interested in purchasing the air fryer. In the past, this popular appliance caused the Aldi website to crash as eager shoppers rushed to buy. However, before making a final decision, it's advisable to shop around and compare prices.

Compare prices and find the best deal

Utilize price comparison tools such as Google Shopping to discover similar products from other retailers and compare prices. While we found this to be the cheapest air fryer of its size online, there are alternatives available at higher prices. For example, B&M is selling a Blaupunkt 4.5L Rapid Air Fryer for £49, and Currys has a Salter 4.5L fryer priced at £65.99. Take the time to explore different options to ensure you're getting the best value before making a purchase.

Remember, it's always a good time to bag a bargain, so don't miss out on this fantastic deal from Aldi.

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