Asda shoppers rushing to buy bargain Ninja air fryer dupe that costs £143 less


SHOPPERS have been rushing to Asda to buy a bargain air fryer that costs £143 less than a Ninja.

The major supermarket is selling the popular kitchen gadget for just £57 and people are raving about it on Facebook.

Salter Dual Air Pro Air Fryer – Black ht

The Salter Dual Air Pro Air Fryer is on offer at supermarkets at the moment, down from £89.

Savvy shoppers have shared their finds on the Facebook groups Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and Money Saver Bargain Hunters.

The posts were met with hundreds of comments from eager customers remarking on its cheap price.

Several called it “brilliant” while others said they “need” to grab the bargain.

The Salter air fryer comes with two baskets and a 7.4L capacity, so you can cook two different things at once.

It also has six cooking functions and a digital display panel.

It also claims to save 64% off energy bills when comparing the energy used to cook a chicken in a 1.8 kW electric oven.

The fryer is sold out online at the moment but is still available in Asda supermarkets.

Some Asda shoppers did point out that the £57 price tag doesn’t appear to be available at all stores.

They said that in their local store it still costs £89, while online the price is listed at £119.

Shoppers can pick up the air fryer for the discounted price at several stores including Harrogate and Falmouth.

We have contacted Asda to check how many stores are selling the fryer at £57 and will update this story when we hear back.

You can find your closest Asda using the store locator tool on its website.

It’s also worth phoning ahead to check stock levels and your local shop’s price to avoid disappointment.

Dual-basket air fryers have really gained popularity over the past few months, and there can be some expensive alternatives.

Possibly the most popular brand for air fryers is Ninja, but its dual-drawer fryer costs £199.99 so can be a bit of an investment.

That’s why shoppers love alternatives like the Salter and at that price who can blame them.

This is the cheapest price we could find for this model, but as always do have a shop around – there’s never a bad time to bag a bargain.

Robert Dyas is selling the same make and model for £129.99, down from £149.99. Meanwhile, Argos is selling it for £110.

There are of course similar alternatives you can buy that are still cheaper than a Ninja.

Bargain hunters have been heading to Tesco to pick up the Tower Vortx 9L dual basket air fryer for just £119.

As always before you commit to a purchase, you should shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

With energy bills on everyone’s minds at the moment air fryers can be a cheap alternative to an over, costing just 13p to run for 15 minutes.

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