Best Bargain Hot Chocolate Makers Revealed: Save £70 with This Winner


Testing the Best

As temperatures drop, a cozy cup of hot chocolate becomes a must-have. With big-brand favorites like Hotel Chocolat's Velvetiser costing up to £110, more affordable alternatives are gaining popularity. We put five popular hot chocolate makers to the test to find the best budget-friendly option.

Salter – The Chocolatier

Salter's Chocolatier priced at £44.99 impressed with its sleek design and ease of use. While the drink was sweet and milky, it could have been hotter. Overall score: 14/20.

Asda George – Scandi Milk Frother

Asda's £25 milk frother was a hit, offering a chocolatey and silky drink at the perfect temperature. With a stylish look and great price, it scored 16/20.

Gino D'Acampo – Milk Frother

Priced at £27, Gino D'Acampo's milk frother was speedy but lacked sweetness and thickness in the drink. Overall score: 14/20.

Lakeland – Milk and Hot Chocolate Frother

Lakeland's £39.99 frother impressed with its velvety and smooth texture, reminiscent of a high-end coffee shop drink. With a chunky design and all-in-one feature, it scored 17/20.

Dualit – Milk Frother

Dualit's £59.99 milk frother left much to be desired with a pale, milky drink and large lumps of chocolate at the bottom. Overall score: 9/20.

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