Best supermarket Christmas snacks including pigs in blankets crisps and white chocolate snowballs – prices start at 75p


CHRISTMAS is just around the corner and for those looking to indulge in some festive snacking, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite nibbles this year.

Top picks include Asda’s pigs in blankets flavoured crisps and Sainsbury’s white chocolate and coconut hazelnut snowballs, and prices start from just 75p.

Asda’s pigs in blankets flavoured crisps cost 75p per bag

Most of the snacks are available in store and online but you’ll need to remember to factor in delivery costs, plus minimum spends when shopping on the website.

Also remember to compare prices across supermarkets as buying a similar product that’s not linked to the festive season is likely to be much cheaper.

We’ve already taken a look at the best Christmas buffet food and festive desserts available to buy from UK supermarkets this year.

But below, we’ve rounded up some tasty savoury and sweet Christmas snacks from Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco.

Asda – Extra Special Pigs in Blankets Hand Cooked Sharing Crisps 

  • 75p (150g) available in store and online

Our top pick are these smokey pigs in blankets flavoured crisps made with British potatoes.

Cooked by hand, this snack is perfect to go with pre-dinner drinks.

They also have no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat and each packet has 525 calories.

You can also get a 150g bag of pigs in blankets crisps from Tesco for £1.50 and from Co-op for £1.70, so Asda’s are by far the best deal.

Check out Asda’s Christmas menu this year for more festive food ideas.

Sainsbury’s – White Chocolate & Coconut Hazelnut Snowballs, Taste the Difference

  • £4.00 (150g) available in store and online 
Sainsbury’s has brought out these white chocolate and cocunut covered hazelnuts.

These little snowballs of heaven is a top pick for festive snacking.

The 200g packet is filled with roasted hazelnuts coated in creamy white chocolate and dusted with desiccated coconut powder

The hazelnuts have been enrobed in chocolate using traditional methods and coated in small batches to get the best results.

Each pack carries around 1,172 calories, so you won’t want to be eating them in one go.

If you’re not a white chocolate person, then you can indulge in a 200g bag of milk chocolate almonds and sicilian orange – also from the Taste the Difference for £4.

For a cheaper options, Asda sells white chocolate and coconut hazlenuts for £3 for a 225g packet and Waitrose sells their own snowballs for £1.25 for a 150g packet.

See our Sainsbury’s round-up for more on its Christmas range.

Aldi – Christmas Pretzels

  • £1.09 (150g) available in store and online 

Try these star-shapped pretzels this Christmas

Aldi is selling star-shaped pretzels to share with the family this christmas.

These crunchy treats from the brand Snackbites come in both salted or sour cream and chive flavours.

For a sweet option, Tesco is selling 200g packets of salted caramel flavoured pretzels in the shape of Christams trees for £2.25.

Sainsbury’s on the other hand is selling gingerbread pretzels in the shape of gingerbread men for £1.30 per a 300g pack.

For more Christmas nibbles from Aldi, click here.

Morrisons – Christmas Antipasti Platter 

  • £4 (450g) available in store and online 


Share this Christmas with this festive antipasti platter.

To mix things up, this antipasti platter from Morrisons is an great option for fingerfood this Christmas.

There’s something for everyon with with Gouda cheese bites, pesto bread sticks, garlic and herbs mixed olives, and chilli and garlic pimento stuffed olives.

For an extra punch, the platter has a tomato, red pepper and chilli dipping sauce.

The multi-snack treat is also suitable for vegetarians.

If you’re after a smaller, cheaper option, Aldi’s specially selected antipasti platter costs £2.90 for 290g.

For meat lovers, Lidl is selling an Italian antipasti platter with parma ham at £1.99 for 100g.

To check out Morrison’s Christmas menu this year, click here.

Tesco – Turkey & Stuffing Bites 

  • £1.50, or two for £2 (300g) available in store and online 

For original party nibbles, try these little turkey bites from Tesco.

For moreish nibbles, try these little turkey and stuffing flavoured maize and potato balls from Tesco.

The tiny bites come from a family owned business which was founded in 1956 and have been perfecting their traditional snacks for decades since.

There’s just 131 calories per packet and you can get two for £2 under a festive offer at the moment.

So you could pair these with a packet of Festive Sausage Roll Puffs (260g) and save £1.

We didn’t find any similar flavoured puffs elsewhere but Sainsbury’s is selling a 150g packet of roast turkey and herb stuffing crips for £1.

For a big bargain, B&M are selling a case of 20 Burts turkey and stuffing chips for £5.80.

There’s plenty more nibbles and treats to try from Tesco’s festive menu.

Tesco – Nine Festive Brownie Bites 

  • £ 1.80 or any two for £3 (450g) available in store and online 

For chocolate lovers, try these little festive brownie bites.

For chocolate lovers, Tesco has you covered with these nine mini festive brownies.

The gooey soft baked treats come complete with dark chocolate chuncks.

Each brownie contains 50 calories but with so many of them in one packet there’s plenty to go around the whole family.

For a bigger and cheaper deal on mini brownie bites, Asda is selling a bucket of 24 for just £1.65.

To check out Tesco’s sweet treats, click here.

Lidl – Deluxe Pistachio Cantuccini

  • £2.49 (200g) available in store and online 

Try these crunchie sweet bites with your after dinner coffees.

There’s nothing like a crispy biscotti with nutty pistachios to go with your after dinner coffees.

Lidl has your post-dinner chill covered with bags of both pistachio and hazulnut flavoured cantuccini.

Sadly you can’t order Lidl food online, so you’ll need to visit your nearest shop to nab the sweet treats.

Lidl has 800 branches in the UK and you can find your nearest one online.

If you prefer almonds, then Sainsbury’s is selling Almond cantuccini in packs of 150g for £2 but you do get more for your money with Lidl.

Browse Lidl’s Christmas selection here.

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