B&M shoppers rush to buy ‘fantastic’ furniture essential scanning at tills for just £1 instead of £12


B&M shoppers are rushing to buy a “fantastic” piece of furniture that’s 92% off.

The discount store is selling a three-tier corner shelf for just £1 – down from £12.

B&M has slashed the price of selected furniture lines in recent days

The retailer has slashed the price of its Maine three-tier corner shelf by 92%

Posting on the B&M Bargains, Extreme Money Saving Deals and More Facebook group, the woman attached a photo of the shelf and said: “Bargain from B&M.”

Shoppers rushed to say that they “love it” and “need to get one.”

Another said: “What a fantastic bargain! Enjoy hun!”

But one unlucky shopper who missed out on the bargain said: “I got it in white for £15 last week!”

The shelf’s 92% price cut isn’t displayed on B&M’s website which says that it actually costs £15.

However, shoppers noted that the product’s original listed price in-store was £12 but it scans at £1.

The retailer describes that the shelf boasts plenty of storage and is characterised by functionality, clean lines, and a crisp white finish.

It’s available in white and grey and customers will need to assemble it themselves.

But, the discounted shelf is only available in-store and shoppers will need to be quick while stocks last.

You can find your closest B&M using the store locator tool on its website.

Other shoppers have quickly pointed out that the item isn’t available in all stores – so you might not find it at your local branch.

B&M often introduces big discounts on old stock to make way for new items at the start of the season.

You should always have a quick shop around first as you might be able to find a similar product cheaper elsewhere.

Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

B&M’s corner shelf is the cheapest we’ve seen available right now – but the retailer also stocks a number of different variations that cost a bit more.

But it’s important to always remember that these bargains are only a good deal if you need the item in the first place – if you get it just because of the offer, you aren’t necessarily saving money.

Customers will need to spend between £6 and £45 to get their hands on the other corner shelves available.

How else can I save money at B&M?

The B&M barcode scanner app allows you to discover discounted items before the staff have even reduced them.

The scanner is located on the B&M Stores mobile app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone.

Shoppers can download it on the App Store or Google Play.

Once you’ve got the app, click on the “scan” button at the bottom of your homepage.

This will then bring up the camera on your smartphone, which you’ll need to use to scan barcodes. 

When you’ve found a product you want to scan, simply point your smartphone camera toward its barcode.

The app will then automatically bring up the item’s price – this is when you’ll know if it is reduced or not.

Bargain hunters say some items come up as £1, 50p or even 10p through the app.

Shoppers should also keep an eye out for products with a white reduction sticker on.

This means they will have a certain amount slashed off the price shown on the label.

Shop for products at the end of the season.

Get friendly with staff too.

They’ll be able to tell you when the sales will hit, or if there are bargains out the back – so you get the best bits.