British Gas Removes Bank Account Information from Customer Bills


Change Sparks Controversy

British Gas has made another change to the way customers pay energy bills, HOAR can reveal. It comes just weeks after the supplier quietly ditched giro slips from thousands of customer bills. British Gas has also removed its bank account number and sort code from customer bills, making it harder for customers to settle their bill by bank transfer.

Criticism from Consumer Rights Expert

This move has been criticized as perverse and deeply unfair by consumer rights expert, Martyn James. Before the change, customers were given the option to pay their bill by bank transfer using the provided bank account details. However, the removal of this information from bills has made some customers assume that they can no longer settle their bill in this way.

British Gas Responds

British Gas has stated that customers are still able to pay by bank transfer and that they can contact the company for assistance. The removal of giro slips from customer bills means that tens of thousands of customers will no longer be able to pay their bill at their local Post Office, Payzone kiosk, or bank branch. Customers who previously paid using giro slips can still request them if they want to change their payment method. Other payment options include paying through the British Gas website using a debit or credit card, calling the automated payment line, or setting up a direct debit payment.

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