British Gas removes payment option, angers customers


British Gas has made a change to energy bills which has angered customers. The supplier has removed giro slips from thousands of customer bills. This means that customers can no longer pay their bill at their local Post Office, Payzone kiosk, or bank branch.

Customers frustrated with lack of payment options

The move has upset many customers, especially those who prefer to pay in person with cash. British Gas claims that they have only removed the slips from bills of customers who weren't already paying in this way. However, some customers have reported that the slips have disappeared from their bills without explanation.

British Gas says that affected customers can request a giro slip if they want to change their payment method. Critics argue that utility companies should make it as easy as possible for customers to pay their bills. The change in billing method by British Gas is seen as callous and poorly communicated to customers.

Charity criticizes British Gas' decision

Age UK, a charity, says it is inconceivable that a business would make it harder for struggling customers to pay their bills during the cost-of-living crisis. Customers can still pay by cheque, but this method lacks the convenience and reassurance of paying in person.

Similar change made by EDF Energy

The change by British Gas comes shortly after EDF Energy scrapped quarterly bills, which also upset customers. Customers have several alternative methods of paying their energy bills, including online payment, automated phone payment, direct debit, and bank transfer.