I’ve made £4,000 selling on second-hand clothes – my secret is buying ‘cracking bargains’ somewhere you’d never think of


Thrifty bargain hunters cashing in on re-selling second-hand items

More and more people are making money by selling pre-loved items at a higher price. However, the best gems aren't always found on popular sites like Vinted, according to one selling pro.

Don't overlook Gumtree for bigger bargains

Helen Langton, 50, has made £4,000 last year buying pre-loved items and selling them on. She reveals that while Vinted is the go-to for many shoppers, Gumtree often offers bigger bargains. "I assumed Gumtree was always for big items and furniture. But there are lots of clothes and shoes," says Helen. "It’s less well-known, though Gumtree offers just as much potential. It’s very good for cracking bargains – people are selling so it doesn’t go to landfill, and not trying to make money out of it."

Her biggest bargain: Ercol single bed

Helen's biggest bargain through Gumtree has been an Ercol single bed bought for £40 and sold for £250.

Charity shops and second-hand sites

In addition to Gumtree, Helen also checks charity shops and trawls through second-hand sites. She once found a pair of Golden Goose trainers for £4 in a charity shop and sold them on for £250.

Golden rule: Buy what you love

Helen has one golden rule to avoid buying useless items that can’t be sold on: she only buys things that she really likes and would definitely wear herself. "If I love it, somebody else will too," she says.

Cleaning up and repairing items

Helen often buys items that are not in the best condition but have potential. She cleans them up and repairs them if necessary before selling them on for a profit.

Out of season shopping

Helen's top tip for sourcing items that can be resold for more is to look for out-of-season items. Buying sandals in December or boots in August can often lead to great bargains.

Sharing the circular economy

Helen now encourages her two daughters to buy second-hand clothing and join the circular economy. "I’ve become evangelical about encouraging people to join the circular economy," she says.

Changing perceptions of pre-loved fashion

Research from Gumtree shows that almost half of UK adults would like to see pre-loved fashion have a bigger presence on Fashion Week catwalks and almost three in five people want brands to highlight how clothes can be repurposed.

Expert advice on buying pre-loved items

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