Celebrations tubs now contain Milky Way crispy rolls in them – and you can buy them at B&M


BOXES of Celebrations containing Milky Way crispy rolls have been spotted in B&M – and shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on them.

Eagle-eyed chocoholics have spotted that the extra addition has replaced the normal Milky Way bar miniatures in the assortment of chocs in certain tubs sold at the discounter.

The tubs of Celebrations containing Milky Way crispy rolls miniatures have been spotted in B&M

Milky Way crispy roll bars are milk chocolate covered wafer biscuit fingers that have a whipped filling that’s lighter than the thick nougat centre in a normal version.

You can buy them in packs of five for £1 from B&M or Iceland and now they’re included in Mars’ choc box too.

But it doesn’t look like they’ve been added to all boxes of Celebrations – just these specific ones stocked by the discounter.

The tubs are different too – instead of the traditional round red box, these particular snacks come in a diamond-shaped clear plastic pot.

We first reported about the tubs back in 2017 when they were being sold in Germany and the US, and us Brits have been waiting for them ever since.

Chocolate fans have barely been able to contain their excitement online, with many saying that they can’t wait to snap them up.

Tia wrote on Twitter: “You all need to know that the word on the street is MILKY WAY CRISPY ROLLS have been added to celebrations?!? Oh my lord.”


Food blogger NewFoodsUK posted a photo of the treats on Facebook after spotting them in the shop yesterday, and it’s since received over 500 likes and comments.

One user, Leanne, called the chocolates a “game changer”, while Jessica said: “I’ll take 10 please.”

Unfortunately, even though shoppers have seen the new products in branches, B&M hasn’t said how much they cost with the price tag on shelves saying: “Line awaiting price.”

We’ve asked the retailer how much they cost and will update this article once we hear back from them.

But to get a rough idea of prices, B&M also sells a 388g box of Celebrations for £2.49.

HOAR has also asked Mars whether it plans to replace the normal Milky Way chocs with the crispy roll versions in all tubs and we’re waiting to hear back from them.

We couldn’t find these boxes available to buy anywhere else so it looks like you’ll need to shop at B&M to get them.

B&M don’t offer an online shopping service so you’ll need to visit your nearest branch if you want to get your hands on them.

You can find one closest to you by using the store locator tool here.

Although it’s not clear exactly what other sweets are included too, you can see old favourites such as Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Twix inside the tubs.

Five years ago, Mars decided to ditch the Galaxy Truffle an not everyone was happy about it.

In fact, in 2018 super fans started a petition to bring them back and it gained hundreds of signatures.

It sort of worked too because last year boxes made up of just Galaxy Truffles hit the shelves in Tesco.

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