Co-op Shoppers Flock to Buy “Absolutely Lush” Black Forest Flavored Mince Pies


Co-op shoppers are going crazy for a new twist on the classic mince pie flavor. The supermarket chain is now offering Black Forest flavored mince pies, but if you want to try them, you'll have to act fast.

A Sweet Surprise

The Black Forest mince pies from The Co-op are filled with a delightful combination of fruity brandy and ruby port mincemeat, morello cherry conserve, kirsch frosting, and Belgian chocolate. They come in packs of four, priced at £2.65. However, Co-op cardholders can snag them for just £2.

Shoppers Rave About the New Flavor

Shoppers who have managed to get their hands on the Black Forest mince pies are loving them. In the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one shopper shared a picture of the pies, calling them "absolutely lush." Others commented that they were addicted to the new flavor and that they were a hit in their offices.


While the Co-op website currently shows the Black Forest mince pies as out of stock online, they may still be available in stores. To find your nearest Co-op branch, you can use the store locator tool on the website.

Alternative Mince Pies

Co-op is not the only retailer putting a twist on the traditional mince pie this year. Other supermarkets have also introduced unique flavors, such as cherry bakewell. As mince pie enthusiasts continue to explore different options, one fan even tested 130 mince pies to determine the best.

The Ultimate Mince Pie

In November, consumer champion Which? conducted a blind taste test to determine the best mince pie. If you're curious to know which supermarket took the crown, be sure to check out their findings.

And if mince pies aren't your thing, Marks and Spencer has a range of new festive desserts worth checking out. So, whether you prefer a traditional or alternative treat, there's something for everyone this holiday season.

Finally, have you ever wondered why a mince pie is called a mince pie? Stay tuned for the answer!