Costco Shoppers Rush to Nab Half-Price Bluey Toy Set


UK fans of Costco are flocking to their local stores to score a Bluey toy set at half the original price. The discount retailer is currently selling a bundle of five playsets, which would normally cost £108, for just £54. This incredible offer was discovered by a savvy bargain hunter who shared the details on the Costco Finds UK Facebook page.

Worth Every Penny

The Bluey toy set includes not only the five playsets but also the characters that would typically require additional purchases to obtain. The Facebook post explained that the individual playsets alone would cost £107.96, while the characters could add up to an extra £45. However, with this offer, customers can get the entire set for the incredibly low price of £54.

Sought-After Item

As soon as the offer was brought to light, other bargain hunters flocked to the comments section to find out the locations of the stores stocking these Bluey toy sets. The original poster mentioned purchasing theirs in Glasgow, and other shoppers chimed in, revealing that they had found them in places like Leeds and Chester. The enthusiasm was evident, with one mum even joking, "I don't know about the kids… I need it."

Availability and Alternatives

It's important to note that the Bluey toy set may not be available at all Costco stores, so it's wise to call ahead and confirm before making a trip. Keep in mind that retailers often offer significant discounts on older stock to make room for new items. It's always a good idea to compare prices and check other retailers for similar products. Amazon, for example, is currently selling the Bluey "Ultimate 40 Piece Mega Set" for just under £100. Smyths Toys has the Beach Cabin Play Set for £32, and Swoop offers the Bluey Hammerbarn Shopping Play Set for £70.

Act Fast!

Parents looking to snag this Bluey bargain should act quickly and head to their nearest Costco store. With such a fantastic offer, these toy sets are sure to sell out fast. Don't miss out!

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