Savvy Shopper Reveals How to Get Posh Dog Food for Just 1p


Amazing Deal

A pet owner in the UK has shared her incredible bargain find in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group. She managed to purchase a box full of posh dog food, worth £50, for just 1p!

Happy Sausage Dogs

The shopper was thrilled with her purchase and shared her excitement with the group. She canceled her subscription after receiving the package and mentioned that her three sausage dogs were very happy with their new food.

Huge Savings

The bargain hunter used a Bella and Duke code, which was available to new customers, to get this amazing deal. She intended to test the food with her dogs and potentially order more at full retail price if they liked it.

Online Reactions

The post about this incredible bargain received over 140 impressions online. Many Facebook users praised the pet owner's find and expressed their envy that they hadn't spotted the deal. Some even shared their own success stories of getting the discounted dog food.

Criticism and Concerns

While most people were excited about the deal, there were a few criticisms made. One user accused the shopper of being selfish and claimed she was putting the company out of business by canceling her subscription so quickly.

Additionally, some group members questioned the quality of the dog food, stating that it contained mainly fillers and carby vegetables, making it expensive after the offer period. Others advised caution when switching a dog's diet suddenly, suggesting that it should either be 100% raw or not at all.

Deal No Longer Available

Unfortunately, it seems that the incredible 1p deal is no longer available. Facebook users have reported that the code no longer works, with the best offer currently being 50% off the first order on the company's website.

Disclaimer: This article is written based on an online user's experience and may not reflect the current availability of the deal.

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