Couple Adds New Floor to Home with Ikea Bargain


New Space, No Planning Hassles

A couple in North London creatively added a whole new floor to their home using an Ikea bargain, sidestepping the need for planning permission.

Thinking Outside the Box

Kate Ellison and her husband Robert wanted to renovate their home but faced restrictions on what they could do. To avoid the hassle of planning approvals, they found a clever solution.

An Ikea Mezzanine Solution

While browsing Ikea, the couple discovered a room divider that could serve as a mezzanine, allowing them to add a new layer to their Victorian property without the usual red tape.

Modern Space on a Budget

For just £99, Kate and Robert purchased Ikea’s Tolkning room divider, which now provides them with additional space above a cupboard in their home, adding a touch of modern flair.

Gove’s Proposed Extension Plans

Following Michael Gove's announcement of policy changes, homeowners may soon have more flexibility in building extensions without needing planning permission.

Key Changes Include:

  • Increased depth for single-storey extensions
  • Allowance for taller rear two-storey extensions
  • No restrictions on loft conversions
  • Exemption for L-shaped extensions from planning permission
  • Ability to cover more than 50% of the surrounding area with extensions

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