Five Simple Tips to Combat Mud in Your Home this Rainy February


Perfect Mat

Start by investing in a hard-wearing, moisture-absorbing, and machine-washable mat to place by your doors. Dunelm offers a range of washable doormats starting from £12.

Shoe Solution

Instead of tracking mud indoors, use a washable tray for wet shoes to stand on by the door. Lakeland has a boot-and-shoe tray on sale for £9.99, while Ikea offers a budget-friendly Bagg-muck mat for £3.

Top of the Mops

Keep hard floors clean with a mop. Consider a bucketless spray mop like the Vileda 1-2 spray mop, priced around £18, for quick clean-ups in high traffic areas like hallways.

Gentle Carpet Care

If mud gets on your carpet, let it dry before gently brushing or vacuuming it. Use water and a clean cloth to blot the area without rubbing to avoid damaging the fibers.

Teaching Cleanliness

Teach children to clean their dirty shoes by waiting for the mud to dry, then using a brush to remove dried muck. Create a paste with three parts bicarbonate of soda to one part water, apply with a brush, wipe clean, and let dry.

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