Couple Face Homelessness After £500,000 Legal Battle Over Neighbor’s Bins


A Costly Dispute

A couple in Cornwall is being forced out of their dream retirement home after a lengthy legal battle with their neighbor over the placement of his bins. Geoff Carter, 76, and his wife Corinne, 69, who is battling cancer, have accumulated a legal bill of £500,000, leaving them on the verge of bankruptcy and homelessness.

Seeking a Quiet Life

The Carters moved to their £450,000 cottage in rural west Cornwall in 2018, hoping for a peaceful retirement. However, their neighbor, farmer Trevor Goldsworthy, became a source of contention when they asked him to relocate where he left his rubbish for collection.

Lost Half a Million Pounds

The Carters have been left devastated by the outcome of the legal battle. Mr. Carter expressed his frustration, saying, "It’s absolutely destroyed us, we have got nothing left. We’ve lost half a million pounds. All we wanted was a quiet life and a nice view, but we’ve lost this house, it’s gone, it’s already on the market."

Unable to Start Over

Mr. Carter, who is nearly 80, and his wife, who is almost 70, feel trapped and helpless. They cannot afford to start working again and are left with nothing but their state pensions.

Legal Victory for the Farmer

The courts ruled in favor of Mr. Goldsworthy, leaving the Carters responsible for their own legal fees as well as the farmer's. The dispute escalated to the point where Mr. Goldsworthy's son was caught on CCTV moving Mr. Carter's car with a telehandler. Mr. Carter sought compensation for the alleged damage but was unsuccessful.

A Costly Standoff

The ongoing dispute over the placement of the bins has dragged on for years, causing tension between the neighbors. The rubbish, left outside the Carters' home, has obstructed their access and attracted flies.

It is a heartbreaking situation for the Carters, who are now faced with the prospect of homelessness due to the financial strain of the legal battle over their neighbor's bins. The couple's dream retirement has turned into a nightmare, leaving them with no choice but to sell their beloved home to cover their legal bills.

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