Easy Hack to Save £100 on Your Energy Bills


As the weather gets colder and the days shorter, many of us are looking for ways to reduce our energy bills this winter. Thankfully, a heating expert has revealed a simple hack that could save you £100.

Government Support

Despite the upcoming increase in energy prices, many of the poorest households are not receiving extended government support. This means that the average household will be paying £160 a month this year, up from £141 last year.

Adjusting Your Boiler

Experts from the Energy Saving Trust suggest adjusting your boiler to save money. By turning down your thermostat by just one degree, you could save around £100 a year on your energy bill.

According to the World Health Organisation, the lowest comfortable temperature for most people is between 18C and 21C.

Setting a Timer

The energy experts also recommend setting a timer for your heating instead of keeping it on low all day. They suggest only heating the rooms that you're using, rather than wasting energy on empty spaces.

Price Cap on Energy Bills

The current price cap on energy bills is £2,074 per year on average, but it will be reduced to £1,923 starting from October 1.

Additional Tips

Consumer guru Martin Lewis has also shared a money-saving trick. By simply switching off your Wi-Fi overnight, you can reduce your energy bills by £100 a year.

Meanwhile, Derek Sayer, a retired IT worker from Berkshire, has managed to reduce his energy bills to as low as £1.50 per day during the summer months. This was achieved through various energy-saving measures.

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