Family favourite restaurant branch closes down – as rumours swirl over its ‘MUCH better’ replacement


A popular branch of a beloved family restaurant is set to close its doors, sparking rumors about an exciting replacement. The Doncaster location of Frankie and Benny's will shut down on October 21, according to a staff member's announcement on social media.

Increasing Costs Prompt Closure

The staff member, identified as the kitchen manager, cited skyrocketing food prices as the main reason for the closure. Over the past year alone, the cost of oil has increased by 80 pence per litre, while overall food prices have risen by approximately 18%. These factors have forced the restaurant to make the difficult decision to shut down.

Owner Pays Hefty Sum to Competitor

The Restaurant Group (TRG), the parent company of Frankie and Benny's, recently made headlines with its £7.5 million acquisition of rival Big Table. This move has left many speculating that Big Table will introduce a new establishment to replace Frankie and Benny's.

Branch Closure Amidst Troubled Times

This closure is not an isolated incident. The Doncaster branch joins a growing list of 40 other Frankie and Benny's locations that have closed due to the dual impact of lockdown measures and inflation. These challenges have hit the chain hard, prompting the need for strategic changes.

Rumors of a Famous Replacement

Whispers on social media suggest that the void left by Frankie and Benny's will be filled by another TRG brand – Wagamama. Several individuals claiming to be in the know have revealed that work on a Wagamama outlet is set to commence early next year in Doncaster.

The Restaurant Group's Response

In an effort to shed light on the situation, The Restaurant Group has been contacted for comment. It remains to be seen what the company's official stance will be regarding the closure and the rumors surrounding its replacement.

It's a period of change for popular establishments in Doncaster, as just recently, staff at Wilko bid farewell to loyal customers after 26 years of service.

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