‘For the love of Jesus’ scream Costco shoppers as they spot ‘perfect’ new Milka chocolate tubs


Shoppers in the UK are rushing to Costco to get their hands on the "perfect" new Milka chocolate tubs after they were spotted on shelves. The Milka Naps Mix has been released and people with a sweet tooth can't wait to try this popular treat.

Excitement on social media

One customer shared a photo of the Milka Naps Mix on the NewfoodsUK Facebook page, and the post has received over 250 likes and thousands of comments from eager chocolate fans. People are tagging their friends and family as they share the news, expressing their excitement and the need to try these delicious treats.

A fan favorite

The Milka Naps Mix comes in a 1kg tub, filled with mini bars made of delicate Milka alpine milk chocolate. It offers four different varieties, making it a fan favorite. These chocolates are perfect for a bedtime treat, helping you relax and enjoy sweet dreams.

Where to find them

The Milka Naps Mix is available at Costco for £13.39, but it's unclear if all stores are stocking this product. You can use Costco's store locator tool on their website to find the nearest store and check availability. Remember to compare prices and find the best deal by using websites like trolley.co.uk and the Google Shopping tab.

Chocolate fans are in for a treat

This isn't the only exciting news for chocolate lovers. KitKat recently released a Caramel Cookie version of their Easter egg, causing fans to declare it as the best Easter egg. Shoppers also found giant 1kg bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs in B&M stores, and rare Cadbury chocolate bars were spotted on shelves. Terry's Chocolate Orange fans were delighted to discover a new flavor in Morrisons. It seems like there's always something new and exciting happening in the world of chocolate.

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