Free Energy-Saving Tips and Freebies to Lower Your Winter Energy Bills



As winter approaches, energy bills can start to rise. However, there are several energy-saving freebies that can help you lower your costs. While bills have already fallen by £151 a year with the new energy price cap, these freebies can provide additional savings. From grants to free blankets and smart tech, here's everything you need to know about reducing your energy costs this winter.

Energy Grants

Many energy suppliers offer discretionary grant schemes to assist vulnerable customers. British Gas, EDF, Eon, Octopus Energy, and Scottish Power provide cash grants to help customers struggling to pay their bills. The amount you'll receive depends on your financial situation, but grants can be worth up to £1,500.

Free Electric Blankets and Smart Tech

Octopus Energy provides free electric blankets to eligible customers, particularly those who are elderly or have specific medical conditions. Ovo Energy offers free smart plugs through their Power Move scheme, which rewards customers with £10 a month for reducing energy consumption during peak times.

Free Boiler

If you're on a low income or considered a vulnerable customer, you may qualify for a free boiler installation from suppliers like British Gas, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, and Ovo Energy. While you may need to call instead of applying online, it's an opportunity to reduce costs or upgrade to a more energy-efficient system.

Free Solar Panels

Some councils offer grants to low-income households for installing solar panels, which can ultimately save hundreds on energy bills. The availability of this offer depends on your income and your home's energy performance certificate (EPC) rating. Check with your local council to see if you qualify.

Free Energy-Efficient Showerhead

Water companies can also help reduce your energy bills by giving out free water-saving gadgets like regulated showerheads. By switching to a water-efficient showerhead, you can save on both water and energy costs. Check with your water supplier to see if they offer this freebie.

Household Support Fund

The Household Support Fund, worth £842 million, is being distributed by councils in England to support low-income or benefit-receiving households. The support varies depending on your location, so you'll need to apply through your local council to find out what you can receive.

Winter Fuel Payment

Pensioners eligible for the winter fuel payment will receive a £300 top-up from the government this year. In addition to the regular payment, you may also receive a £150 or £300 pensioner cost of living payment, totaling up to £600. You usually don't have to apply as the payment is made automatically.

Cold Weather Payment

Hard-up households can receive cold weather payments to help cover the higher energy costs during chilly periods. These payments, totaling £25 for every seven-day period below zero degrees, are automatically given to eligible recipients receiving certain benefits.


By taking advantage of these energy-saving freebies and support programs, you can significantly reduce your winter energy bills. Whether it's grants, freebies, or government payments, there are options available to make heating your home more affordable this winter. Don't miss out on these opportunities to save money and stay warm.