I worked at McDonald’s… now I’m revealing the biggest shop secrets, like why we’re not allowed to take leftovers home


A woman who worked at McDonald's for five years has spilled the beans on some of the fast food giant's biggest secrets, including why employees aren't allowed to take leftovers home.

'Pet Peeves' at the Drive Thru

In a recent TikTok video, Lorella, a former McDonald's manager, shared some of the biggest annoyances employees have to deal with, such as customers shouting into the microphone at the drive-thru.

"When you pull up to the drive-thru, there are cameras that can see you as you place your order," Lorella explained. "One of the biggest pet peeves when working on the headsets to take your order is when the person in the passenger seat is screaming what you guys want. The microphone is only little, so just tell the driver what you want."

She even shared a funny story about a boy who used to ask the driver to tell their nan to stop screaming into the mic, when it was actually his girlfriend or wife.

Free Food for Staff on Break

Good news for McDonald's employees – they always get free food on their break, every shift. While regular staff members had to wait in line like everyone else, Lorella, as a manager, was able to create her own delicious concoctions, like a Big Mac with Big Tasty sauce, extra cheese, and 10 pickles!

The Strict No Leftovers Policy

Unfortunately, all those extra delicious creations couldn't be taken home. McDonald's has strict protocols in place to prevent employees from bringing any food home. At closing time, the manager has to count all the leftover food and log it into the system. While crew members used to be able to take home leftovers, this policy became stricter due to employees intentionally cooking extra food near closing time to bring it home. Lorella mentioned that one of her colleagues almost lost her job for taking home 20 chicken nuggets.

McDonald's Staff and Their Nicknames

Lorella also revealed that McDonald's staff often give nicknames to regular customers. For example, there was a woman known as 'Cappuccino Lady' who always showed up when they were opening and only ordered a frothy coffee.

No Salt Fries and the Eye Rolls

Ordering fries without salt may not make you popular with McDonald's employees. Lorella mentioned that if you request no salt, the entire staff is likely rolling their eyes in frustration. This is because it requires cleaning everything to make fresh, unsalted fries. Some crew members might even refuse to give you salt packets, just out of principle.

"Ugh cleaning the salt out when someone asked for no salt was the worst," one person commented on Lorella's video.

"I'm the person saying we ran out of salt," added another.

"As you should. Queen," Lorella responded.

One brave commenter admitted to being the "no salt on fries girl," explaining that it was because they always ended up with cold fries otherwise.

So, next time you visit McDonald's, remember to keep these secrets in mind!

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