Get Christmas Treats at a Discounted Price from Little-Known Shop


Discover a little-known shop where you can find Christmas chocolate, including Hotel Chocolat, at prices up to 60% off. Prices start as low as 39p.

Specialist Retailer with Popular Brands

Approved Food is an online supermarket that offers shoppers the chance to buy their favorite branded items at a discount.

The products are near or past their "best before" dates, which means supermarkets cannot sell them. However, they are still within their "use by" dates and are safe to consume.

Great Offers on Christmas Goodies

At the time of checking, Approved Food had some fantastic offers on Christmas treats.

For example, you can get the Hotel Chocolat classic Christmas box for £6.99, down from £14.95. The same item is currently retailing for £15.45 each on the Hotel Chocolat and John Lewis websites.

Ferrero fans can enjoy a large gift box of Raffaello coconut almond pralines for £9, which is £3 cheaper than the same item on Ocado.

Another offer is the Lindt luxury 1.4kg gift hamper reduced from £38.95 to £30. The hamper includes a selection of Lindor truffles, pralines, recipe bars, and hot chocolate. Similar-sized hampers are retailing for around £55 on the Lindt website.

There is also the Kingsbridge chocolate set of five marshmallow dark hot chocolate spoons, discounted from £9.99 to just £5. Similar products are available on Amazon, Tesco, and John Lewis.

Ordering and Delivery

Ordering from Approved Food is simple. Just create an account and add items to your basket, like any other online supermarket.

Delivery costs vary depending on the size of your order. For orders up to 25kg, delivery is £3. For 50kg boxes, it's £5, and for boxes up to 75kg, it's £9. Orders over £55 qualify for free delivery.

Wide Range of Products

Aside from Christmas treats, Approved Food offers various items across different categories, including household cleaning, pet supplies, beauty products, and baby care.

For example, you can get a 150ml can of Schweppes tonic water for 39p, saving 26p per can compared to the usual retail price of 65p.

Shop Around for the Best Deals

While Approved Food has many great offers, it's always a good idea to compare prices with other retailers. Use sites like Google Shopping and to find the cheapest deals.


If you're looking to stock up on Christmas treats at discounted prices, consider checking out Approved Food. With popular brands like Hotel Chocolat and Lindt, you can enjoy delicious treats without breaking the bank.

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