Homeowners warned over ‘serious dangers’ caused by popular DIY heating hack as Brits try to save on energy bills


Homeowners in the UK are being warned about a popular DIY heating hack that claims to save money on energy bills. Experts are urging people to avoid this trick due to the potential "serious dangers" it poses.

DIY terracotta heater poses serious health hazard

A DIY terracotta heater has recently gained popularity online for its ability to produce enough heat to warm a house without using electricity or gas. The hack involves placing an upside-down terracotta pot over lit candles, allowing the heat to radiate through. However, heating experts are warning that this popular hack can be extremely dangerous.

Risk of shattering, explosion, and burns

According to Catherine Storer, a heating expert, terracotta pots used in this DIY hack can easily shatter or explode due to exposure to high temperatures that they are not designed to withstand. This can lead to serious burns and injuries. Additionally, the melted wax from the candles raises concerns about a fire hazard. If the pot falls and the candles tip over, the melted wax can come into contact with flammable materials, potentially causing a fire and putting lives and properties at risk.

Dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

Storer also highlights the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning associated with this DIY heating hack. When candles burn in an enclosed space, such as under a terracotta pot, they consume oxygen and produce carbon monoxide. Inadequate ventilation can cause this gas to accumulate to dangerous levels. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that can be lethal in high concentrations.

Safe alternatives to keep your home warm

Storer recommends safer alternatives to keep homes warm during the winter. One of the most effective ways is to ensure proper insulation. Sealing gaps around doors and windows and adding insulation to the attic can help retain heat. Thermal curtains are also a good option. These measures can reduce the need for additional heating sources or unsafe practices.

Storer also advises regularly bleeding radiators to improve heating efficiency. This process releases trapped air in the heating system, allowing hot water to circulate effectively and heat up the radiators properly.

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