I snagged dream job working on picturesque beaches & in luxury hotels… but then I realised brutal truth about my role


A WOMAN who snagged a dream job working on picturesque beaches and luxury hotels says that there are downsides.

Working remotely from paradise

For consultant Sonya Barlow, 30, this dream has become reality. Sonya works for three companies which all allow her to work remotely from places of her choosing. She has set up office in stunning locations such as Mauritius, Estonia, Turkey, and Nairobi, constantly traveling for her job.

A dream holiday

Sonya gets to stay in beautiful hotels with gyms and spas, turning her free time into a dream holiday. She has even checked her emails while on a safari in Kenya. Speaking to MailOnline, she said: "I’m in a better headspace, I’m focused, I’m more productive. I’m able to turn or offload my apps. I can turn my social media off. I am able to get the work done."

Benefits of remote work

Sonya finds that changing screens regularly and being in new environments can help "increase my mental cognitive functions". She also appreciates the freedom to control her working hours, especially as someone who is neurodivergent. Being able to give her brain a rest is invaluable.

Enjoying the sunshine

Sonya loves that working abroad means enjoying longer sunny days. She can get her work done and then have time in the evening to enjoy herself in a better headspace. The sunshine and vitamin D boost are major perks.

Challenges of working remotely

While there are many benefits to working remotely, there are also downsides. One of the challenges Sonya faces is collaborating with her team who are miles away. Being outside of the office also means a lack of networking and not always knowing what's happening day to day.

In addition, constantly relying on technology can be a drawback. If your laptop or Wi-Fi crashes, you may find yourself in a tight pickle.

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