I thought I won £111MILLION EuroMillions jackpot and was over the moon… but it all came crashing down seconds later


A WOMAN was left feeling “really hurt” after thinking she had won a £111million EuroMillions jackpot before it all came crashing down.

Alice took to TikTok to share the devastating story of her not-so-ideal lotto win.

Alice woke up to an email and thought she had won the lottery

The six-second clip begins with a screenshot of an email from The National Lottery.

Alice captioned the snap: “Waking up to this email thinking my life’s just changed overnight”.

The email informs the ecstatic woman that she has won a prize on The National Lottery and advises her to sign into her account to find out more.

The message is signed off by the National Lottery Customer Care Team and Alice is over the moon as she hurries to log into her account to discover her winnings.

But it quickly comes crashing down as she then shares a snap of her Lotto dashboard.

Nothing could have prepared Alice for the disappointment that she says “really hurts”.

The message read: “Congratulations! You’ve won £2.40 on EuroMillions, Friday 2 June 2023.

“We paid this prize into your National Lottery account”.

Alice uses the snap as a greenscreen while showing her straight-faced and in disbelief at the tiny prize.

The post racked up a mega 10.6k views, and fans flocked to the comment section to leave comments of their amusement at the situation.

One joked: “Woah don’t spend it all at once”.

Another said: “Now you are going to have old friends and distant relatives come out f nowhere wanting a piece. Protect that fortune”.

A third chimed in: “I wouldn’t put this public – never know who will try to use you for your money now”.

One more even shared her similar experience: “Same, read it was a UK who scooped the euro millions and then a measly £3.50”.

The EuroMillions results for Friday, June 2 were 3, 12, 15, 25, and 43, with the golden balls 10 and 11.

This comes after one lotto-hopeful was left devastated when she thought she won a £76million lottery jackpot before losing it all in a flash.

Another woman was told how she won the lottery with an incredible £54million jackpot before experiencing a “roller coaster” of emotions when it all fell apart.

She was gutted to realise that she had only won £2.40
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