I was in the queue for McDonald’s when I discovered someone stole £1MILLION from my account – I might not get it back

BIG MAC AND FRIES I was in the queue for McDonalds when I discovered someone stole ¿1M from my account - I don't know if I'll get it back Darren Edwards from Burnley Lancashire whose Barclays bank account has been hacked and ¿1million has been withdrawn Pic shows Darren Edwards Outside Barclays Bank in Burnley Town Centre showing his account on his phone

A DAD was in the queue for McDonald’s when he found out someone had withdrawn a MILLION pounds from his account.

Darren Edwards, 41, tried multiple times to pay for the four meals by card and contactless when he eventually paid the £15.60 in cash.

Darren Edwards Outside Barclays Bank in Burnley

His Barclays account was hacked – and now he is a MILLION pounds in debt

Darren says the bank won’t tell him when or if he’ll get his balance back

But when he looked at his Barclaycard account, he could not believe his eyes when it said he was a million quid in debt.

Darren, from Burnley, told HOAR: “I was just going through the McDonald’s drive-thru at teatime to get food for the kids, myself and my wife and my card was getting declined.

“I tried everything, including contactless, and it just wasn’t working. I figured it was a problem with the machine and paid in cash.

“But it was odd because contactless didn’t work, and neither did my PIN.

“I checked my account to see how much money there was, knowing I had a few grand in there, and I couldn’t believe it.

“I was minus £1 million. £500,000 was taken out of my savings account and £500,000 from the current account.

“I was in absolute shock.”

Despite spending hours on customer service chatlines, and even going into his local branch, Darren says Barclays refuses to tell him what has happened or if he’ll get his money back.

He now only has £60 and the change from the McDonald’s meal.

He explained: “It’s extremely frustrating and it is making me very stressed.

“I’m worried out buying food and stuff for my family.

“I’ve been contacting Barclays constantly and all they say is that they can’t help me.

“It’s mine and my wife’s main account and now we have nothing. A bit stuck is an understatement.

“I’ve been given no indication when or if I might have my money back. It’s very stressful.

“I asked Barclays if they could give me a small amount of money just so I have enough for food and they said no.”

The family has had to put a trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida, in July on hold.

“We’re going to Orlando on 28 July and that account had our flight money.

“We’d been holding out on flights hoping for a decent deal but we can’t even book the flights at the prices we’re getting now.”

A Barclays spokesperson said: “Barclays is complying with its legal and regulatory obligations.

“We are unable to share any further information.”

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