I won £2 million in the National Lottery – here’s why I’m NOT buying fast cars or speed boats


A lucky man who scooped £2 million in the National Lottery is not splurging on luxury items. Mike Law, from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, won the prize in October 2021 but continued working as an arts and photography teacher until this summer.

A Leap of Faith

Rather than returning to the classroom this month, Law has embarked on a new career path as a writer. He is currently focusing on writing historical adventure novels that he hopes to publish.

Opportunity and Memories

Law sees winning the National Lottery as an opportunity to make memories, rather than buying extravagant material possessions. He believes that the win has given him the chance to pursue his passion and turn it into a career.

Supportive Partner

Law's decision to change his career was fully supported by his wife, Andrea. Together, they aim to improve their quality of life, create lasting memories, and provide for their children.

From Teacher to Author

Law had been teaching for 23 years but started planning for a career change over a year ago. He stayed in his teaching role to ensure he finished teaching his GCSE students before pursuing writing full-time. Although he admits to not being a good pupil himself, Law developed a love for history and aims to write historically accurate novels.

The Dark Twist in Roman Britain

Law's first novel is set in Roman Britain and is based around a group of legionaries. The story takes place in and around Wroxeter in Shropshire, one of the largest cities in Roman Britain. Law drew inspiration from his trips to the area and hopes to find a literary agent to publish his work.

Remaining Grounded

Despite their windfall, Law and his wife want to remain grounded and live a normal life. The winnings have provided financial security, eliminated mortgage worries, and allowed them to enjoy a few treats like a family trip to Lapland.

A Grateful Opportunity

Law expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity the lottery win has given him to pursue a career he enjoys. He is excited to fully immerse himself in writing and is open to the possibility of self-publishing if finding a literary agent proves challenging.

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