I worked at Tesco & it was a nightmare – they’ve got ridiculously high expectations & don’t even mention Christmas


A former Tesco employee has revealed why working at the popular supermarket chain was a nightmare for her. Eleanor, who spent seven years working for Tesco, recently created a video to shed light on the things they "don't tell you about when you start working" at the company.

A Week of No Rest

Eleanor explained that working at Tesco requires extreme flexibility, as employees are expected to be available every day of the week. There is no choice in which days to work; it simply depends on what days are available. For those who prefer weekends off, Tesco is not the place to work, as the supermarket is often in need of weekend staff.

High Expectations and No Life Outside of Work

Eleanor also mentioned that leaving work on time was looked down upon, implying that Tesco employees were discouraged from having a life outside of their jobs. She expressed frustration over the high expectations placed on supermarket workers, calling it "ridiculous" considering the nature of the job.

A Nightmare at Christmas

According to Eleanor, working at any supermarket during the holiday season, including Tesco, is pure chaos. As the supermarket only closes on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, employees rarely get time off during these popular holidays. Eleanor strongly advised against working in a supermarket during Christmas time, describing it as the most "hellish" experience she has ever had.

Contradictory Policies and Unwanted Changes

Eleanor mentioned that Tesco promotes a "team environment" but frowns upon employees talking to each other. She also claimed that taking a break during busy hours is discouraged. Additionally, Tesco recently implemented a policy where staff members are expected to work in any department, but Eleanor managed to avoid this change as she left the company before it took effect.

Despite the nightmare experience shared by Eleanor, some commenters defended Tesco, saying that her experience may not reflect all Tesco stores. Eleanor acknowledged this but clarified that she was speaking from her own personal experience.

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