I’ve got an incredible Action Man toy collection worth over £20,000 – my ex-girlfriends say I’m weird but I don’t care


Dad's Incredible Toy Collection

A dad from Crewe, Cheshire, has amassed an Action Man figure stash worth over £20,000, leading to some calling him weird.

Reconnecting with Childhood

Andy Whitehurst, a 50-year-old joiner and sign maker, started collecting the toys in his 20s and conducts photoshoots with them in the woods.

Supportive Wife and Inner Child

Despite judgment from strangers, Andy's wife is supportive of his hobby, which he says has helped him reconnect with his inner child.

Collecting Passion

Mr. Whitehurst's collection includes military-themed items from 1966 to 1984, with some items tied to his grandfather's WWII regiment.

Combining Hobbies

Andy combines his love for collecting with photography, conducting photoshoots with the figures and sharing the results on Instagram.

Star Wars and Charity

Aside from Action Man, Andy has a collection of Star Wars items and sometimes dresses as a Storm Trooper to raise money for charity.

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