KFC Introduces New “Signature Fries” Coated with Iconic Chicken Flavour – Are They Worth The Hype?


KFC's Flavorful Chip Transformation: First Impressions and Taste Test

KFC has made a major change to its menu, replacing its plain chips with the newly launched "Signature Fries" coated in a herb and spice seasoning based on its iconic chicken flavor. Eager to find out if the new fries are worth the buzz, we put them to the test.

New and Improved: The Verdict on KFC's "Signature Fries"

After sampling the new "Signature Fries," it's safe to say that they have surpassed their predecessors. These flavorful fries have a salty and mildly spicy kick, making them a perfect companion to KFC's original recipe chicken. The seasoning is evenly spread across all the fries without overpowering the flavor, and they don't become sickly even after finishing a whole bag. If you're a fan of KFC's original recipe, these fries are a must-try.

Calorie Count and Limited-Time Offer

While we await the official calorie count for both sizes of the new fries, KFC fans can enjoy a free portion of the "Signature Fries" until October 13 via the fast food chain's app. Simply download a QR code and scan it at the till to claim your free fries.

Divided Opinions: Fans and Critics Speak Out

The announcement of the new menu addition has sparked excitement among some customers, with one eagerly saying, "Can't wait to try," while another added, "Exactly what they needed." However, not everyone is sold on the concept. One critic complained, "They really spent thousands of pounds on marketing just to throw some salt and pepper on the fries," while another dismissed the fries as "the same horrible fries with seasoning added."

How Do the Prices Compare to Competitors?

If you're curious about how the prices of KFC's "Signature Fries" compare to other fast food chains, here's a breakdown:

  • Regular Portion: £1.79
  • Large Portion: £2.49

It's important to note that prices can vary between restaurants, and the number of fries in each portion may also differ.

McDonald's medium fries, for example, cost £1.59, and their large fries are priced at £1.99 – both slightly cheaper than KFC's offering. Meanwhile, Burger King's regular fries are priced at £2.49, with the large size costing £2.89 – making them slightly more expensive than KFC.

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