Lucky Omen Leads to £166,666 Jackpot Win for Man in People’s Postcode Lottery


A man from Staplehurst, Kent, has won a £166,666 jackpot in the People's Postcode Lottery. Tony Frater, 69, shared the £1 million prize with five of his neighbors, including his daughter Kelly.

A Sign from Above

Tony Frater believes that he had a lucky omen just hours before winning the jackpot. The popular Abba song "Money, Money, Money" played on the radio that morning, leading him to exclaim, "That's an omen!" Additionally, he experienced five short power cuts that caused his wireless doorbell to ring, even though no one was at the door.

Big Plans for the Future

With his winnings, Tony plans to take a big family holiday to celebrate his 70th birthday. He and Kelly, along with his son Marcus and daughter-in-law Sharon, will be able to enjoy their retirement without any financial worries. Tony emphasized that the most important thing about winning the jackpot is the security it brings.

Sharon added, "We can take the whole family away for Tony's birthday. It's his treat, but he'll be paying."

This incredible win comes after a recent controversy where a woman criticized her sister-in-law for giving her a "stingy" gift after winning a £9.3 million jackpot.

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