Lump sum payment worth up to £100 sent to households this month – are you getting one?


Some UK households will receive a £100 payment from the government to help with living expenses.

The Household Support Fund (HSF), which is worth £842 million, is being distributed by councils in England to residents in need.

If you are on a low income or receiving benefits, you may be eligible for this payment, depending on where you live.

Residents in Leeds who meet certain criteria could receive a £100 payment.

However, there is an important deadline to be aware of.

Who is eligible?

To claim the funding from Leeds City Council, your household must have been registered as a recipient of Council Tax Support by October 23, 2023.

Households with children or pensioners will receive £100, while those without children will receive £75.

If you are eligible, the money will be paid to you automatically, so there is no need to apply.

The payments should be made by the end of November via a Post Office voucher.

Council tax support is a discount on council tax payments, with a maximum discount of 75%. The amount you receive depends on your income, unless you are part of a protected group.

Protected groups include pensioners, disabled people, single parents, carers, war widows, and war pensioners.

To qualify for Council Tax Support, you must:

  • live in the UK
  • pay council tax
  • have a low income

Who else can get help?

If you do not live in Leeds, you may still be eligible for assistance.

In most cases, if you are on benefits such as Universal Credit or Income Support, you can receive help through the HSF. However, it is recommended to contact your local council to find out what assistance is available.

If you are unsure which local authority area you fall under, you can use the Government's locator tool on its website. Simply enter your postcode to find your local council.

Households in Rutland can receive up to £270 worth of help, while Dorset Council started distributing £150 vouchers last month.

What other help is on offer?

If you are not eligible for assistance through the Household Support Fund, there may be other means of support available.

There are still two installments of the £900 payment to come, with the second installment expected in the coming weeks.

These payments are being made to individuals receiving benefits such as Universal Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Pension Credit.

If you are not currently receiving one of these benefits, it may be worth checking if you are eligible. Not only could you start receiving money from the benefit, but you may also be eligible for the second and third installments of the £900 cost of living payment, worth £300 and £299 respectively.

In addition, millions of pensioners will receive a top-up of up to £300 to their Winter Fuel Payment this winter, depending on their specific circumstances.

If you are struggling to make energy payments, you may also be able to receive grants from your energy company. British Gas, EDF, E.On, and Scottish Power all offer such grants, so it is recommended to contact your provider to see if you are eligible.