UK Pet Owners Expected to Splurge on Christmas Presents for Their Furry Friends


A Quarter of Owners Will Spend as Much on Christmas Presents for Pets as Their Kids or Partner

The cost of living crisis isn't stopping pet owners from splurging on festive treats for their furry friends. According to a survey, a quarter of pet owners say they'll spend the same, or even more, on their pets than their children or partner this Christmas.

More than Half Will Treat Their Pets to Their Own Christmas Dinner

In the midst of the pandemic, British households welcomed three million more dogs and cats as companions to lift their lockdown spirits. This "pet baby boom" led to a surge in the price of puppies and kittens. As a result, there are now 17 million households in Britain with pets, accounting for around 60% of the population. Additionally, more than half of pet owners will be treating their furry friends to their very own Christmas dinner.

Pets Are Considered Important Members of the Family

According to research from Pets at Home, pets have become such important members of the family that half of them will receive presents from their friends and extended family. More than 50% of pets will have their own Christmas stocking, with a quarter of owners planning to buy their pet a Christmas jumper.

Early Shopping for Festive Treats

Pet owners are getting into the festive spirit early, with Pets at Home reporting that a quarter of a million Christmas dog toys and almost 100,000 advent calendars have already been purchased. The retailer's advent calendars for pets start at £2.50, but the luxury £30 giant treat advent calendar sold out online within the first three days.

Lyssa McGowan, chief executive of Pets at Home, said, "Pets play a huge part in our lives, so it's no surprise owners want to show their appreciation by treating their pets at Christmas just like other members of the family."

Pets at Home: More Than Just a Retailer

Pets at Home is known for providing great products and services for pet owners. However, the real secret to their success lies in their expert advice. Whether it's about a new puppy or a senior pet, Pets at Home offers valuable guidance. As the largest employer of pet care talent in the UK, the company invests in its people, offering training programs and career opportunities.

Lyssa McGowan, as CEO of Pets at Home, is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment with equal opportunities for all. She believes that pets see people for who they are, without any barriers or bias.

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