McDonald’s offers 15% off its entire menu from tomorrow – but you’ll have to be quick


McDonald's is giving customers the chance to enjoy a 15% discount on its entire menu, but there's a catch. The offer is only available for those who opt into MyMcDonald's Rewards on the fast-food chain's app.

How to qualify for the discount

To redeem the discount, customers will need to spend £8. However, there's more to gain than just a discount. By using the app's offers, customers can also earn freebies. For every penny spent on the app, users will receive one Rewards point. Once the discount is applied, customers who spend £8 would earn 680 points.

What can customers get with the points?

The app offers various rewards based on the number of points earned. With 1500 points, customers can get small fries, a hash brown, a regular soft drink, or a side salad. For 2500 points, customers can get a double cheeseburger, vegetable deluxe, or apple pie completely free. And for those with 5500 points, a Mighty McMuffin, a McSpicy, a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, or a McCrispy can be earned.

The discount is only available for one day, so make sure to take advantage of the offer tomorrow.

McDonald's recent menu changes

This discount comes on the heels of a recent menu change by McDonald's. The fast-food chain left Fanta and Oasis fans disappointed after switching to sugar-free versions of the drinks. However, the chain also introduced six all-new items to its menu, which fans have described as "the best yet."

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