Michael Bublé Stars in Hilarious ASDA Christmas Advert as Chief Quality Officer



ASDA's Christmas advert features global superstar Michael Bublé in the role of chief quality officer. The TV ad showcases Bublé's hilarious antics as he ensures the highest quality of Christmas offerings at the supermarket.

Bublé Begins His Role as Chief Quality Officer

In the 90-second Christmas TV ad, Bublé officially starts his role as Asda's inaugural chief quality officer. The ad, shot by Oscar-winning filmmaker Taika Waititi, shows Bublé measuring and sampling various Christmas products to ensure their excellence.

A Cheeky and Festive Adventure

The ad begins with Bublé sitting at his new desk, surrounded by holiday cheer. He then proceeds to indulge in taste tests, approve cheese for Asda's Extra Special Christmas Cheeseboard, and evaluate pigs in blankets. Bublé's expertise and love for Christmas shine through as he ensures the quality of every product.

A Playful Nod to Asda's Buddy the Elf Ad

Viewers may spot a playful reference to Asda's 2022 Buddy the Elf ad as Bublé taste tests different pigs in blanket flavors. He dismisses a maple-covered sample, jokingly declaring it as "so last year," in a nod to Buddy's affinity for sweet treats.

Bublé Joins a Store-front Choir

The ad concludes with Bublé joining a store-front choir to sing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." As a lover of Christmas, Bublé expresses his excitement for the holiday season and the joy it brings.

ASDA and Bublé: A Perfect Match

Chief Customer Officer at Asda, David Hills, praises the collaboration with Bublé, highlighting their shared commitment to quality and affordability during the festive season. Asda aims to provide families with a one-stop-shop for all their Christmas needs.


Michael Bublé's appearance as chief quality officer in ASDA's Christmas advert brings laughter and holiday spirit to viewers. With his charm and expertise, Bublé ensures that Asda delivers the very best for Christmas.

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