Mr Kipling vs Supermarket Dupes: The Battle of the Cakes


Lemon cake slices

Mr Kipling Lemon Cake Slices came out on top with a perfect ratio of icing to cake and a zingy lemon kick. However, Tesco's own brand slices impressed with their neat and uniform shape.

Mr Kipling: 4/5

Tesco: 3/5

Viennese whirls

Mr Kipling Viennese Whirls won this round with their crunchy texture and generous spread of cream and jam. The Aldi dupe, on the other hand, left a messy trail of crumbs and a tacky feeling on the teeth.

Mr Kipling: 4/5

Aldi: 3/5

Apple pies

Tesco's Bramley Apple Pies took the crown in this test with their perfectly baked crust, lip-licking sprinkle of sugar, and moist and delicious filling. Mr Kipling's version fell short with a dry crust and underfilled pie.

Mr Kipling: 2/5

Tesco: 5/5

Angel cake slices

Morrisons' Angel Cake Slice scored higher than Mr Kipling's offering with its more natural appearance and taste. While Mr Kipling's slices were vibrant in color, they were too artificial for the taster's liking.

Mr Kipling: 1/5

Morrisons: 4/5

Fondant fancies

Aldi's Fondant Fancies outshone Mr Kipling's French Fancies in terms of presentation, with their soft bite and stylish square design. The taster found Mr Kipling's version to be heavy on the icing and slightly dry.

Mr Kipling: 2/5

Aldi: 4/5

Jam tarts

Morrisons' jam tarts proved to be balanced and bite-sized delights, earning them a higher score than Mr Kipling's version. While Mr Kipling's tarts were messy to eat, the taster enjoyed the crumbly pastry and sweet jam.

Mr Kipling: 3/5

Morrisons: 4/5

Cherry Bakewell tarts

Tesco's Cherry Bakewell tart won over Mr Kipling's version with its subtle marzipan flavor and less sickly icing. While Mr Kipling's tart had a massive cherry on top, the taster found the icing too thick and chewy.

Mr Kipling: 2/5

Tesco: 3/5

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