Young TikTok Star Defies Haters by Buying a House at 21


Trolling and Guilt

A 21-year-old woman, Katylee Bailey, faced brutal trolling and guilt after purchasing a mortgage-free house. Despite the negativity, she has stood up to her haters.

Rise to Internet Fame

Katylee Bailey, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, gained popularity on TikTok and amassed a following by showcasing her relationships with fellow content creators.

Impressive Following

With a staggering 2.9 million followers on TikTok and nearly 400,000 fans on Instagram, Katylee has become a well-known influencer.

A Sinister Turn

However, things took a dark turn when Katylee uploaded a video celebrating her new home purchase. Hateful comments flooded the comment section.

Dealing with Hate

Katylee opened up about the hate, expressing that she felt guilty for achieving such a milestone in her life. She emphasized the challenges of being an influencer and the need for security.

Wanting to Connect with Fans

Katylee explained that her intention was to show her followers that having a big following doesn't mean she isn't normal. She wanted people to grow with her.

An Emotional Response

Due to the overwhelming hate, Katylee posted an emotional response video, apologizing to anyone who felt she was bragging. She acknowledged the flaws in the system and expressed gratitude for her luck.

Battling Trolling and Moving Forward

The relentless trolling even made Katylee too scared to move into her new home. However, she eventually rose above the drama and learned that she can't make everyone happy.

Embracing Haters

Katylee acknowledged that while she may have haters, their engagement still contributes to her success. Every view and comment, negative or not, helps her content gain traction.

So, if they want to hate, they can hate.

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